Hi There 🙂

Many of you know me from my social media. I like to keep it light and humorous which is how I am most of the time but I too have a deep, emotional side.

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Oh Hey There

Hellooo wonderful readers.

I hope you are all well. I couldn’t remember the last time I had posted on here – I was under the impression it was when I was still in Pretoria. LOL! It hasn’t been thaaat long…

I’m usually active on the Gram because its quick, convenient and doesn’t require much effort. I’ve been a busy girl and dedicating time for photoshoots and blog posts have been somewhat impossible… or so I thought.  Read More


Hey, everyone, it’s been forever! If you follow me on the Gram, you might have seen that I am on a sugar detox as of yesterday and I feel like crap. Along with cutting sugar, I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine intake so you can only imagine how I feel. I realised that I began my diet in the midst of Eid but I didn’t want to feel terrible for even a day longer, hence my haste in commencing the diet. Wish me luck; I still have 19 days to go…

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Jutti Bela

Bela and Co and I have collaborated to launch their AW17 range of African – print Juttis.  These handcrafted leather shoes are most popular in North India but are quickly gaining popularity throughout the world. Inspired by Indian royalty some 400 years ago; each shoe is uniquely designed and crafted with intricate beading and embroidery.

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I’m Back


Hey everyone:)

Before I begin, Happy 2017! I hope your year started off on a great note.

Uhm… Where to start? I took a few months off from blogging as you all may have noticed and I cut down on my social media interaction. Reason being: I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I just didn’t want to document so much of my life. Read More