Valentine’s Day Makeup


Hey There 🙂

I hope you are all well. Just popping in to tell you about the Valentine’s day makeup look I filmed. I’m trying to do more videos, and I have a few more planned for the upcoming weeks. However, they’re not easy to film, especially by myself. I don’t know how these You Tubers make it look so easy.

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Hey there, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Mine was quite busy and I feel like I need a few days to just sleep off this exhaustion! With just over a week left until Eid, I am bursting with excitement to see my family – going home for me is like a […]

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Comfort Zone

Hello dear readers,

I hope you all are well. My apologies for my absence. The past few weeks were hectic for me. I was balancing work, my sister and my mood. My sister visited my for about three weeks which was such a pleasure – I really missed her so having her with me felt a bit like life back in Durban. I took full advantage of having a little sister aka servant as I needed some sort of payment for having to take her to all her favourite eating spots.

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