Usher Lashes

I recently received a pair of lashes by a new brand in South Africa – Usher Lashes. Imported from India, one of the leaders in the beauty industry, these premium lashes come in a range of styles.

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Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and there’s no better time for change. The air is warmer (Jhb seems to have skipped Spring and went straight into Summer); the trees are green again and there are only a few short months to get that summer body. Read More

Silk Abayas Eid Lookbook

We’re a mere two days before Eid and if you haven’t yet put together your Eid look, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Silk Abayas and I have collaborated on my Eid Lookbook to inspire you to up the ante on the plain ol’ black abaya. Read More


Hey, everyone,┬áit’s been forever! If you follow me on the Gram, you might have seen that I am on a sugar detox as of yesterday and I feel like crap. Along with cutting sugar, I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine intake so you can only imagine how I feel. I realised that I began my diet in the midst of Eid but I didn’t want to feel terrible for even a day longer, hence my haste in commencing the diet. Wish me luck; I still have 19 days to go…

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For the longest time I have had the luxury of sleeping whatever time I desired and waking up when my eyes opened, however as of late, my free-spirited self has made a complete 180. I now have a bed time and have to wake up with an alarm. This to me is the most severe form of punishment (first world problems, I know). Read More


I have been struggling to write recently. Aside from everything going on in my life at the moment; I haven’t been able to write something substantial about this look. Draft after draft had been written about the dos and don’ts of mixing prints but truth be told, the article was so boring. So here I am, writing about how I haven’t been able to write.

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