For the longest time I have had the luxury of sleeping whatever time I desired and waking up when my eyes opened, however as of late, my free-spirited self has made a complete 180. I now have a bed time and have to wake up with an alarm. This to me is the most severe form of punishment (first world problems, I know). Read More


I have been struggling to write recently. Aside from everything going on in my life at the moment; I haven’t been able to write something substantial about this look. Draft after draft had been written about the dos and don’ts of mixing prints but truth be told, the article was so boring. So here I am, writing about how I haven’t been able to write.

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Love and Light

Hey everyone. This is a look post but there has been something on my mind recently… In the past few weeks, my social media timelines have been flooded with cases of cyberbullying. There’s a new victim every week and it’s only getting worse. No one seems to understand the severity of the situation; no one is doing anything to stop it from happening. In fact, all I’m seeing is people encouraging these bullies to continue spreading their misery.

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Eid Inspo

Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re well and for all the muslim readers, I hope the fasting month has been good to you. I’m sure the Eid preparations are in full swing. I’ve decided to make the same thing I make every year; nothing! I am the laziest on Eid day. Read More

Bhave Haircare

Hey everyone. I hope you’re well. I want to tell you about a new shampoo that I’ve been using. It’s called Bhave and its relatively new to South Africa – Launched in April this year.

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Hey everyone.┬áRamadan Mubarak to all my muslim readers. I’ve been trying to dress modestly this month and hopefully I will continue throughout the year. Read More

Simply Lasers – LVL lash treatment

Hey everybody

I waited a few weeks to write this post simply because I wanted to see how effective this treatment is. It has been about 3 weeks since the lash lift and here are my thoughts…

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