Learning How to Learn

I was never someone who enjoyed studying, I found it to be quite a chore. Mathematics was always my least favourite subject – while others spent hours doing math equations I simply read the textbook, fooling myself into believing that I could memorise the formulas and apply them to the questions. How mistaken I was!

On my recent trip back home, I found myself helping out with the kids’ homework. This took me on a trip down memory lane –  when I would memorise my geography notes and regurgitate it the following day in my exam. As I watched my niece attempt her homework I noticed that her study method was incorrect. She, like young Zaida, was making the exact same mistake – reading without understanding. In an attempt to nip her erroneous methods in the bud, I took her to CNA to purchase a few study guides to try to rectify her ways. Being in grade 3, she found the Pearson Train Your Brain series of guides to be quite beneficial. These guides are easy to understand as they provide a multitude of different math equations and cute illustrations to facilitate the learning process. The English guides are even better as they provide simple games such as hangman and crossword puzzles to improve spelling and phonics. 

We ended up purchasing study guide for the main subjects – math, english and life science as those are the subjects that require a thorough understanding in order to excel. By simply educating my niece that by comprehending what she is learning and why she is doing these exercises, she remembered her work and even started enjoying it. A few lessons I taught her with regards to studying were:

  1. Understand that learning is something you will have to do til the day you die, so why not enjoy it.
  2. Instead of just memorising notes, try to break it down and understand why you are doing it. 
  3. Use a study guide to do examples because only when you can apply your knowledge to a sentence or a sum will you know if you have grasped the concept.
  4. Don’t be afraid of a study aid, it is there to help. Simply open the book and attempt the questions – the more practise you have, the easier it becomes. 
  5. Follow the easy to understand instructions in the study guide and learning will be quick and easy. 
  6. Never give up – keep at it until you understand the concepts. 

After giving her a quick lesson on how to learn, I found that she was more confident in her learning technique and even answered all her questions correctly. It is best to learn how to learn from a young age so that studying becomes second nature as we grow up and studying at university level becomes a breeze. 

If you are struggling with studying, I suggest popping into CNA to purchase one of their many spectacular study guides to aid in efficient studying. 


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