Woodlands Spa


The woodlands Spa – nestled on the rocky banks of the crocodile river, it is the perfect getaway for a day of pampering and ultimate relaxation; situated amongst the renowned wedding venues in Muldersrift, the spa boasts an equally beautiful setting.

Just a 40 minute drive from the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, the spa is easy to locate using google maps. On arrival, the security guard had been expecting us and willingly directed us to the main location. The woodlands spa actually is a wellness retreat and boasts an array of different types of treatments, however I visited the spa only.

Driving on the gravel road until we reached the spa reminded me of one of my day trips to Franschhoek. Captivated by the magical beauty that is nature, I pulled up to the entrance and made my way into the spa. I have filmed a vlog, depicting the spa and the facilities provided so you can watch the video and not have to imagine the beauty that I speak about.

On arrival, I was welcomed by the warm, friendly staff who promptly assisted me. Once settled, I was directed to the dressing rooms to get changed into my fluffy robe. The bathroom was so beautiful and warm ( I visited the spa on a cold, gloomy day), an extra touch that I was grateful for!

The treatment that I booked was the Hydrating Body Wrap which comprises of an exfoliating scrub, a hydrating wrap and a full body massage which was the duration of 120 minutes. The cost of the treatment was R1100, which, in comparison to other spas is quite reasonable. My therapist waited patiently for me to film my video in the dressing room and lead me to the treatment room which is situated separate from the reception but still close enough to get to quickly. If you refer to my video you will see the beautifully landscaped setting competing with the hand of God directly across it. The treatment room was clean and neat with the main wall being a window overlooking the river and hills protecting it. Another great touch, the room was heated which was especially appreciated since Johannesburg winters are icy cold.

My therapist, Petunia was a petite woman with mighty hands. The treatment started off with a full-body sugar and mint scrub which left my skin feeling soft and supple. Once scrubbed down, I was directed to a shower with a rain maker head that poured down warm droplets of water and washed away the sugary goodness on my body. Thereafter, I was escorted  back to my room and tucked under the fluffy towels for the second part of the treatment which was a rub down with a jelly-like mixture. The therapist started with my hands, working her way down my body, rubbing in the mixture and allowing it to penetrate deep into my skin. Furthermore, she wrapped me in a plastic sheet and sealed me in nicely for me to marinate. I am unsure of how long I was marinating for as I fell asleep due to the warmth of the plastic sheet. Later, being gently awoken by the sound of the plastic wrap being removed and the muscles in my legs being firmly massaged – I felt each and every knot being loosened an all my muscles relaxing. I was in heaven! After a short 2 hours the massage finally came to an end. I had dozed off from sheer relaxation and once again returned to the land of the living by the sound of the saxophone softly playing from the speaker.

Eventually I had to wake up and get dressed – I was not so willing but alas, I had to get back to reality. Back in my robe , the manager offered me a cappuccino and I sipped it on the terrace overlooking the view. It had begun to drizzle so I got dressed and greeted the staff farewell.

The treatment menu boasts an array of treatments and packages and this place is perfect for a couples day out or even a spa day with the girls. I definitely recommend taking the trip to get out of the city and immersing yourself in the tranquillity of nature that this spa is nestled in.

This review was on behalf of GoBeauty however all sentiments shared are of my own and are true.

Website: http://www.woodlandsspa.co.za | Contact: 010 010 5026 / 063 692 0665 |Email: bookings@woodlandsspa.co.za



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