Keep Trying

I don’t write often enough…

There was a time in my life when I wrote every day; just simple words that helped to lighten the burdens I was carrying. When life was too much to bear and when I felt like talking wasn’t the answer, I would write. 

Social media allows me to show you my joyful side but I too get anxious and sad. It’s natural – actually, if you’re happy all the time, you should be concerned. For most of my life I tried to be a superhero, never admitting to myself that  i do, in fact, have feelings. My emotions were my biggest enemy and I ran away from it for so long that I reached a point where I did not even know how I felt – and that is when I began writing.

Most of my narrations consisted of me trying to decipher my emotions and figuring out a method of resolution. It became cathartic for me. My scribbles helped me cope in this big, tough world.

Choosing to fend for myself and attempting to make a success of myself without help was an incredible feat, and still is! My anxiety kicks in like clock work every month and this is when I know I should be writing, when I NEED to be writing. Aside from regular prayer and chats with The Almighty, putting my emotions down on paper is what helps me cope.

I know that most of the time I work myself up for nothing and after beating myself up about mistakes, they eventually get solved but this is who I am and I am learning to accept myself for being a bag of nerves.

We all go through difficulty but the important thing to remember is that we’re not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Distress is what helps us grow. The only way to learn just how strong we are is to be put through adversity.

IMG_0148 (2)IMG_0160 (2)IMG_0122 (3)

Dress: Topshop | Belt: Taken From an abaya (Onyx By Aneesa Solomon) | Boots: Aldo

Photography: Fatima Omar

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