Oh Hey There

Hellooo wonderful readers.

I hope you are all well. I couldn’t remember the last time I had posted on here – I was under the impression it was when I was still in Pretoria. LOL! It hasn’t been thaaat long…

I’m usually active on the Gram because its quick, convenient and doesn’t require much effort. I’ve been a busy girl and dedicating time for photoshoots and blog posts have been somewhat impossible… or so I thought. I feel like until this week, I never knew what putting in effort meant. I thought I was doing my best which, in fact, wasn’t anywhere close to my best! It is so easy to waste time on meaningless activities that appear to be productive.

This week made me realise that I need pressure to work as I don’t work well when I have too much time on my hands. I enjoy deadlines and even more so, the high of successfully completing a task.

I agree, it can be exhausting – the number of “what’s wrong?” questions I received this week were enough to make me think that maybe there really is something wrong with me. 😛 That’s only because I have decided to wake up about two hours earlier to be more productive and fit in everything I plan for the day.

Yes, this winning streak is fun but even this super-human needs some down-time! 😀 This long weekend could not have come at a better time. I plan to relax and unwind and eat all the delicious foods I have been craving all week. The one dish that I could eat literally every day is the Korean Fried Chicken Wings from Momo Soko in Illovo. If you have not been there yet, I suggest you go as soon as you can! I’m not a huge fan of Asian food but these wings… mmm…mmm…mmm…

About my look:

I love jeans. I live in jeans. I feel most comfortable in jeans. Jeans and I are besties. Naturally, my down-time look would involve jeans. I love these denims because they’re jeans… but they’re also sparkly. Dress them up or down, they won’t disappoint. I threw on this rust knit and paired it with slip on mules and a paper boy cap! This cap is all the rage at the moment and I’m quite conscious about how I look in head gear but I LOVE this cap!! Be prepared to see this style of cap in all of my upcoming posts.

Anyway, this hungry girl is off to get some Korean Fried Chicken Wings… Have the best weekend and make some rad memories… xxx

IMG_0105 (2)IMG_0107 (2)

Knitwear: Topshop | Denims: Topshop |Paper boy cap: Topshop | Mules: MRP

Photography by Fatima Omar

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