The Acne Queen

Not so long ago I received a package from The Acne Queen. I was concerned about accepting the package as my skin is clear and I wouldn’t be the right candidate to test out their products. Luckily, The Acne Queen has a host of products for all skin types.

The products I received were The Manuka Honey face mask and the Panda’s Dream eye patches. Both of these items are suitable for all skin types.

The first product I tested out was the Manuka honey mask which is a sheet mask. The ingredients and details were written in what I assume is mandarin (forgive me for my ignorance) hence I am unable to inform you of the ingredients.

The mask had the scent of honey and fresh flowers which made the experience all the more relaxing. Soaked in the product, the mask felt cool on my skin and gave it a hydrated texture. There is no substitute to drinking your daily 2 liters and a good skincare routine but with continuous use of this mask I think you will succeed in injecting moisture into tired, dehydrated skin.

After applying the product for about 30 minutes, the mask left my skin feeling smooth and supple.  I have a bit of redness on my cheek area and after using this mask, my skin felt calmer and the redness had subsided temporarily.  This would be an ideal mask to use on red, itchy skin as Manuka Honey is used to treat and calm irritated skin.

The next product I tested was the Panda’s dream eye patch. Seeped in liquid – the eye patches worked wonders! From the look and feel of the patch to the scent, it is a great product and an affordable option to pamper yourself. I placed the patches on my eyes (they cover the entire eye, they are not under-eye patches) and dozed off. When I awoke I noticed that my under-eye region felt hydrated and nourished.

In conclusion, I would recommend using these products as a topical treatment for hydration. In addition to a good diet and skincare routine, these products will make a noticeable difference to your skin texture.

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