Usher Lashes

I recently received a pair of lashes by a new brand in South Africa – Usher Lashes. Imported from India, one of the leaders in the beauty industry, these premium lashes come in a range of styles.

The mink lash range caters to all needs with various styles from natural to voluminous lashes. This superior quality lash is wearable up to 25 times and maintains its natural curve due to the sturdy band. Moreover, these lashes are cruelty-free and are great for even the most animal conscious makeup enthusiast.

As a makeup artist, I prefer to use premium quality lashes on my clients to create a look that is of the highest standard. The biggest faux pas is to have impeccable makeup and then use a substandard lash to finish off the look. In my opinion, the lash completes a look so be sure to use the highest quality lashes. I tested out the lash in the style ‘Beautiful Chaos’ which is slightly dramatic. In addition to being so full and feathered; the lash gives the illusion of length and volume without overpowering the eye. Lastly, these lashes are truly excellent quality and I would wear them on a regular basis.

For more information on these spectacular lashes, follow @usherbeautyshop on Instagram as well as visit their website for a full product list to suit your needs.






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