I have been struggling to write recently. Aside from everything going on in my life at the moment; I haven’t been able to write something substantial about this look. Draft after draft had been written about the dos and don’ts of mixing prints but truth be told, the article was so boring. So here I am, writing about how I haven’t been able to write.

Researching the rules of mixing it up got me thinking… What if we just don’t follow rules. I mean, why do we need to listen to anyone when it comes to what we wear. Dressing is an extension of our personalities so why should a complete stranger dictate a bunch of rules to us. One of my favorite pastimes is people-watching and by that I mean observing what they wear and how they wear it. It’s truly remarkable how people style up their looks. Fashion, or more specifically, style is individualism. Why go through all the effort of blending in? If you want to wear two bold prints or every color of the rainbow in one outfit go for it. Be who you want. Wear what you want and do whatever the hell you want without feeling guilty about it. fullsizeoutput_9ea0fullsizeoutput_9ea2fullsizeoutput_9ea6

Leopard Print Top: Pull & Bear | Lace Top: Mr Price | Jacket: BCBG |                              Jeans: Forever 21 | Heels: Charlotte Russe

Photography by Pagiel Chetty


2 thoughts on “Rebel

  1. In addition to your context expressing ‘no rules’ regarding fashion, fashion ideally is just that- a personal expression of creativity through dressing. Although the uprise of current trends have inspired many from street to runway fashion, it doesn’t necessarily dictate fashion as a whole. Ultimately, I believe that what resonates with an individual regarding trends, seasonal fashion and statement pieces should inspire and connect with the individual themselves and thereafter, like art, cause a reaction either towards or against the concept entirely. Meaning, it should be adopted not as a societal accepted trend, but rather as a trend that resonates on some level of personal inclination and connection. Unique and personalized style originates from a persons adaptation to fashion from an individualized approach


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