Love and Light

Hey everyone. This is a look post but there has been something on my mind recently… In the past few weeks, my social media timelines have been flooded with cases of cyberbullying. There’s a new victim every week and it’s only getting worse. No one seems to understand the severity of the situation; no one is doing anything to stop it from happening. In fact, all I’m seeing is people encouraging these bullies to continue spreading their misery.

I’m struggling to understand why this is happening. I am aware of what causes a bully to lash out and mistreat others but what I don’t understand is, the reason people encourage this sort of behavior. Why are people commenting on these posts? Why are people adding to the abuse? Are their lives so meaningless that they find joy in others’ pain? Do they not have any empathy? Is attention really all that matters? In my opinion, those who encourage this behavior are just as guilty. The worst part is that these bullies have the power to spread so much love yet they choose to degrade people publicly.

It pains me to see that these abusive posts go viral and become memes, all in the name of entertainment, yet no one considers the impact it has on the victim. What if that person harms themselves, or takes their own life? Would it even affect these commenters, knowing that they were instrumental in that tragedy. We’ve all been bullied at some point in our lives and I’m certain we can all agree that it was painful. Don’t be the cause of someone’s pain, no matter how much you may dislike them…

In other news, this look was shot at the Turkish mosque in Midrand. Unfortunately I didn’t get the full experience as I was fasting. I definitely want to go back to taste the food ¬†because which great story doesn’t include food?


Abaya: Bought in Saudi Arabia | Pumps: Nine West | Sunglasses: Breo

Photography by Fatima Omar

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