Bhave Haircare

Hey everyone. I hope you’re well. I want to tell you about a new shampoo that I’ve been using. It’s called Bhave and its relatively new to South Africa – Launched in April this year.

So what makes this Australian brand so unique; it all comes down to the raw natural keratin technology that the haircare range contains. Replicine keratin is a bioactive keratin protein that is naturally derived and gently extracted from New Zealand sheep. This keratin penetrates the hair shaft and binds severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine.

The rescue range – which I have been using for about three weeks, is just one of the many ranges of Bhave hair. My hair is uncolored but I’ve noticed that due to the change in weather, my hair had become dry and brittle. I was using an ordinary retail shampoo that didn’t do much to strengthen or nourish my hair; I noticed that my hair was breaking a lot due to styling and its overall dryness so I was keen to give this product a try.

I’m no expert on hair, in fact I don’t know the first thing about haircare but I have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my hair. It no longer feels as dry and brittle like before. Another difference I’ve observed is that my hair feeIs a lot stronger and has a healthy shine. Since I haven’t been taking any supplements, and my diet is poor due to the fasting month, it has to be the product.

The product is a salon treatment so there is a major difference to an ordinary off-the-shelf shampoo. I’m actually so put off retail shampoos. They’re full of sulphates and do nothing to improve the condition of hair. This product is so concentrated so only a tiny dollop is required. I wet my hair and squeeze out the excess water and shampoo just the roots. Once the shampoo has fully coated the roots of my hair, I rinse with warm water. Before conditioning I squeeze out the excess water from my hair and give my hair a quick towel dry (such an effort, I know, but this is the way we’re meant to condition hair)  before applying a 50c coin-sized squirt of conditioner. I then apply this to the middle and tips of my hair and leave in for about 3 minutes and rinse thereafter. (Conditioner is meant for the ends of your hair and not the roots; if applied to the roots it may cause oiliness).

The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain parabens, sulphates or sodium chloride – all of which damage your hair. Another positive is that the conditioner contains Argan Oil that is high in vitamin e and anti – oxidants which, as we all know, nourishes and moisturizes hair.

The shampoo and conditioner are sold separately and come in a 300ml cylindrical bottle. It should last at least 6 months as you don’t need to apply a lot of product, so for the price of R450 each (which is within the salon-shampoo price bracket) it is worth it.

For more information on the various ranges and to purchase you can go on the website

** This product is cruelty-free





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