Simply Lasers – LVL lash treatment

Hey everybody

I waited a few weeks to write this post simply because I wanted to see how effective this treatment is. It has been about 3 weeks since the lash lift and here are my thoughts…

I have naturally long lashes *touch wood* so I never really saw the need to have a lash lift or a tint. I usually apply a few coats of mascara and it totally transforms my lashes. However I, along with many of you, have the problem of smudging and clumping. By the end of the night I have a layer of mascara crumbs on my under eye area, hence my decision to test out this treatment.

I wasn’t sure of what the treatment entails and was quite apprehensive as I have sensitive eyes. When I arrived at the salon, the therapist was kind enough to brief me on the procedure and dispel all the myths about it. Simply put, it’s pretty much like a perm and color but for your eyelashes.

The therapist performed a patch test on my hand to see if there was any reaction. Once she was satisfied with the results we continued. The first step was to protect my eyes thus a silicone patch was applied below my eyes. The therapist then proceeded to apply a serum to hold my lashes in place. Thereafter,  she brushed my lashes up (individually) and set it into place. This provides the curl. The “perm” was placed on my lashes for about 20 minutes, subsequently the tint was applied. This stayed on for another 20 minutes. Once the procedure was completed, she used an anti bacterial wipe to clean off the excess color.

Immediately after the procedure (which didn’t irritate my eyes at all! I was pleasantly surprised by this) I noticed my lashes were perfectly curled and much darker. Due to some of my lashes being straight, they would clump up and leave gaps in my lashes. After the curl, it looked like I had applied a natural-looking false lash strip.

Fast forward a few weeks later, my lashes are still just as curled as they were right after the treatment. The lift and tint gives me the appearance of looking more awake. In addition, I have not applied mascara since the treatment although, I do suggest a good coating of mascara for a night out. For daytime, this treatment is perfect.

How long does this treatment last?  It lasts as long as your lash hair cycle which is about 8 weeks. Simply lasers does the treatment for an introductory price of R650 with a touch up session after 2 weeks. I’m due for my touch up when I get to Durban, just in time for Eid! I love my new lashes and I especially love that it is acceptable for whudu and prayer.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

**This is not a paid review, this is my honest opinion**

Visit for more info or contact them at 031 3031451.

My lashes pre-treatment.


three weeks after the treatment. No mascara applied.




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