Nu Skin

I recently posted on my Instagram about a range of products by Nu Skin. With their philosophy of using only the best ingredients to combat anti-aging; the founders of the company have reached worldwide success.

Ok, so what did I receive?

The Pure Cleansing Gel: which smells amazing! The cleansing gel is for every day use and is suggested that the product be used twice a day in your morning and evening routine. In addition, it also acts as a makeup remover – I used it to remove a light makeup application and to my satisfaction, all my makeup was gone! For a heavier makeup application it is advisable to wash twice to ensure all makeup is removed. The texture is light and lathers quite well. The moisturizing effect is visible and can be felt almost immediately.


pH Balance Toner:  Alcohol – free and rich in Polyphenols and Strawberry extracts, which soothes skin and helps diminish the appearance of pores. This product is applied after cleansing, mainly used with a cotton pad, however I sometimes just apply a little to my hands and pat over my skin to give my skin that fresh, rejuvenated feeling. I love that this product acts as a makeup remover too!


Moisture Restore Cream: Combined with a sunblock (SPF 15) this moisturizer features colorless carotenoids that enhance the skin’s natural resistance to the harsh environment. This cream is perfect for every day use and under makeup. I love the scent and texture as it allows my skin to breath and doesn’t congest my pores whilst still protecting my skin from he harsh winter climate.


Advanced Tinted Moisturizer: This product provides radiant, lightweight coverage and is packed with the benefits of a CC cream (color correcting) which smooths out my complexion. I use this on a daily basis, especially since I want an even complexion without having to use a foundation every day. I love that it contains an SPF so I don’t have to use a separate sunblock which, in my opinion, is heavy and clogs pores.


I have used these products for about two weeks and so far I cannot fault it. My skin is extremely sensitive and usually reacts to the change of season so I used my recent trip to Durban to truly put these products to the test. I anticipated dryness and a breakout due to the different climates but I am so happy to report that I haven’t experienced either…

Lastly, I received Pharmanex Tegreen which is a green tea capsule that aids in fighting against free radicals that occur from pollution, smoke, stress and toxins. Its been two weeks only and I have noticed a difference in my skin and my energy levels. My skin feels great and looks bright and clear. In addition, my energy levels have increased –
I feel way more energetic throughout the day. I’m not even sure if it’s supposed to aid in weight loss but I’ve also lost a kilo. Bonus!!!


You can find Nu Yu on Instagram and on Facebook to see their full range of products. Alternatively you can email for more info.


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