Jutti Bela

Bela and Co and I have collaborated to launch their AW17 range of African – print Juttis.  These handcrafted leather shoes are most popular in North India but are quickly gaining popularity throughout the world. Inspired by Indian royalty some 400 years ago; each shoe is uniquely designed and crafted with intricate beading and embroidery.

I chatted to Nabela from Bela and Co about her inspiration behind the collection. She wanted to diversify the brand and jazz up the traditional styles to suit the South African market hence the African-print range was designed. This collection includes the classic slipper (Jutti) as well as a slip-on (backless) and a Jutti with an ankle tie-up. Exquisitely crafted with animal prints and textures and so amazingly comfortable!

So what are my thoughts on this shoe… I love it! I recall wearing Jutti shoes about 7 years ago. I bought them at an Indian market; they were inexpensive and beautifully decorated but the downside was the manufacturing, which was basically pieces of board covered in fabric and stitched together. Those Juttis were the most uncomfortable shoes I’d ever worn! However, when I slipped my feet into this pair of Jutti Belas, I was wonderfully surprised. The double cushioning is like walking on clouds of cotton! I spent the whole day in them and I’m happy to report that not a single toe has ached!

You can find this pair as well as the rest of the collection on the Bela and Co Instagram page as well as the Facebook page.

Email: info@belaandco.co.za | WhatsApp: 0826170839


Denim Top: Cotton On | Skirt: Factorie | Necklaces: Bought Overseas

Shoes: Bela and Co | Leather Bracelet: Louis Vuitton

Photography by Fatima Omar

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