Pushing Boundaries


I hope your week is going well. I just recently returned from what felt like a month – long vacation. Honestly speaking though, I have been away for two of the four weeks of this month. I never thought I’d say this, especially after my last post about living in Pretoria, but I am happy to be home.

Being my own boss is so difficult. Especially since I am so lazy! Waking up to create work for myself is daunting and some days I actually dread waking up. With that being said, I also love that I don’t have a 9-5 job. I would never manage to sit in an office all day. Whilst the rest of the world is preparing for Monday and all the pressures it comes with, I (and most other creatives) are relaxing or going out somewhere fun.The only problem with this lifestyle is actually achieving goals
, I am always torn between staying home and working or going out to socialize. We all know that I choose the former almost every time!

Some friends and I chatted about pushing boundaries – they too, run their own businesses and have to motivate themselves to grow their brands. We love what we do but sometimes we get stuck in our comfort zones and find it difficult to push ourselves to progress. We spoke about how to boost our social media presence
and how to cultivate our brands by being consistent in our posts, being aware of what content our peers are producing and how to improve ourselves whilst remaining authentic. What we have decided to is create a WhatsApp group to motivate and monitor each others’ success. In this way we remind each other to invest time into our brands every day. By doing this, we teach each other new strategies on how to be more relevant and how to enhance our feeds.

Boosting your social media presence may not apply to you but the core message is that you need to always strive to do your best and uplift your co-equals. It is paramount to have people who will impel you to push your boundaries,step outside your comfort zone and think big!

I finally got down to shooting content for the blog. Not being in front of the camera for this long has made me a little camera – shy but since we’re pushing boundaries, I had to do it.

What are some of the challenges you face?


Embroidered Top: Zara|Culottes: Zara|Bag: Forever 21|Sneakers: Adidas|Necklace: Cotton On

Photographs by Fatima Omar

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