Day One

Hello 🙂

I hope you all had a great week! I had the best week because I finally started gym. I’ve been going solid for a week now and I feel motivated to continue this healthy lifestyle. For me, getting to the gym is more of an achievement than actually working out. One thing I have noticed is that almost everybody walks in looking like eskimos, myself included. It’s the funniest sight but hey, sacrifices need to be made.

Today is such a beautiful, sunny day so you know what that means… Laundry day! It’s really so sad; in Durban, a sunny day was a beach day whereas here, it means housework. The perks of growing up hey…

What I’m wearing:

Quraisha and I shot this at UCT some time ago on one of the windiest days ever! It’s thanks to Aria that my hair looks somewhat decent. I can’t tell you what made me put this look together because I don’t have a process; I literally throw on what looks like it would match and try to work with it. I quite like the pop of colour with the green clutch, it gives the look a playful twist.The accessories were kept to a minimum due to the bold top and shoes as  I just prefer a simpler look but you could add a chunky earring to this look and it will look great!

Anyway I’m off to do my laundry and maybe get in a quick run at the beach (since I can’t actually swim). Have an awesome week!


Top: Zara | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti | Earrings: Forever 21 |            Clutch Bag: Topshop | Belt: Forever New

Photography: Quraisha Rajab Instagram: @queyyyDSC_0501DSC_0568DSC_0588DSC_0689DSC_0539

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