Simply Laser

Hello 🙂

I’m sitting with my laptop, trying to think of ways to glamourise laser hair removal. It’s not an easy task considering the pain factor. To top it off, there’s the cost of it, which at first thought may seem much more expensive than a waxing treatment but the goal is to save long -term right?

I started laser because I grew tired of having to make a waxing appointment every so often.  I’d forget most of the time, and when I actually made it to my appointment, the beautician would leave traces of hair in hard to spot areas so I would only notice it when I got home. The cherry on top for me was having my clothing stick to me after because of the remaining wax that she hadn’t removed. I’m sure all of you feel my struggle!

Thus my journey to painless, sticky – free hair removal began. I did mention it on my previous blog but I feel like telling you again… I started laser hair removal properly about 6 months ago and by that I mean, I keep to my appointments. I’ve had phenomenal results thus far. I hardly have to do any hair removal at home between appointments. We all know I’m lazy so I had to ensure I get the best results in order to save time and effort.

Because I love Simply Laser and I love all of you, I’ve teamed up with them to offer my lovely readers a 10% discount on all treatments from today (15th July) to 15th September! You have three months to get your laser on! please use the code: ZaidaOmar10 to receive your discount!

Try it out and please let me know what you think. you can comment below or tweet me at @zaida_omar

Simply Laser – Durban 

223 Lilian Ngoyi Road (Windermere Road)

031 303 1451 / 082 478 6319




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