Diana of London 2000 Kisses Liquid Lipstick


A friend of mine purchased these wonderfully, long-lasting liquid lipsticks on her recent trip to India. Although a makeup artist, I consider myself lazy when it comes to testing new products. I’ve always been comfortable to stick to what I know, and what works!

With that being said, my introduction to the brand Diana of London was a pleasant one. The lipsticks come in a range of colours. I, however, have just three shades which happen to be my three favourites at the moment. The first one is Hazel Nut number 18 which (to me) has a peachy brown undertone. This complements my skin tone beautifully. I have a warm undertone so peaches and browns work for me.


The next one is Raspberry number 17. This one has a berry tone mixed with a bit of brown. Another colour that suits me perfectly!


The last one is Warm Passion number 39 which is a reddish peach. My friend clearly has a good eye for colour as she managed to pick shades that compliment my skin flawlessly!


The formula is creamy and applies beautifully. It usually dries about a minute or two after application and once dry, it feels like nothing on my lips! The texture is light and smooth and the best part is that it doesn’t crack when dry! I have used this on dry, cracked lips and it didn’t highlight any of the dryness! I usually apply one and a half coats and it lasts about 5 hours. The tube says it is non – transferable and it really is! I eat and drink and it barely moves however, continuous licking of the lips causes it to fade.

I’m not too sure how much it retails for but they are available in 21 countries so maybe on your next trip overseas you can purchase some. I did have a look at the website and it doesn’t provide the option to purchase online. Either way, go on to the website (www.dianaoflondon.com) and have a look at their range of liquid lipsticks as well as their other ranges. Judging by the liquid lipstick, I’m quite confident the other products will be just as amazing.

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