Onyx by Aneesa Solomon Eid Collection

Hello Lovelies

I hope your week is going well! I’m currently frozen, in my bed… Last week I got to work with Aneesa again for her Eid collection. This time I was behind the scenes instead of infront of the camera. For those of you who don’t know, I am a makeup artist and a stylist. I prefer being behind the scenes, contrary to popular belief.

The Eid collection is about understated glam – much like the previous collections. I feel I resonate with the collections because I too prefer simple and sophisticated as opposed to heavily embellished garments. My favourite is the black and grey abaya with a sheer detail at the neckline as well as the hemline; with the runner up for me, being the dress – style abaya with an elasticated waist and nude flower detail.

What I interpreted from this collection is the underlying earthy theme. There’s the apparent branch print detail, the flower detail and then theres’ nuances of the elements – earth, air, fire and water. I love how these elements are illustrated in the pops of colour.

Working with Shezan and Razana is always a blast. I think more than work, we laugh all day! This time I got to work with the beautiful Nuha Haroun who just added to the merriment.

The new collection is available for purchase. Please visit the website http://www.aneesasolomon.com for more details or to place an online order. Alternatively, visit the Onyx page on Facebook.



Models: Nuha Haroun and Razana Omar.

Makeup done by: Razana Omar and Zaida Omar

Hair done by: Razana Omar

Styling done by: Zaida Omar

Photography: Shezan Waggie


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