Hi Lovelies

I can’t believe it’s half the year already! Seriously, where did the year go? For the first time in a long time I feel like I have made some progress in the first six months.

I’m really starting to enjoy winter here in Cape Town. Back home, I never layered or wore hats and scarves but here, I wear half my wardrobe every time I walk out the house. I love clothes, so what’s better than getting to wear all your clothes at the same time?

With that being said, I haven’t really layered in this look. Wearing a top under a top is new for me as I rarely wore t-shirts underneath tops. My intention was to change my city as well as my outlook on life, which thankfully is happening. I also intended to change my style. I’ve always admired the effortlessness that Cape Tonians have. They can make even a pyjama pants look trendy!

What I’m wearing:

The faux leather top and skater shoes are from H&M. I feel like it’s the only place I shop at nowadays. Their stuff is just so trendy and so reasonably priced! My skirt was such a luck! I found it at the Stuttafords sale for R200. I think I bought it more for the price than anything else. I find that I do tend to purchase things because of the sale price, however it is justified because I am in the fashion industry. The earrings are from Forever 21 which I borrowed from my roomie at the last minute…

Photogrpahy: Quraisha Rajab Instagram: @queyyy

Leather Top – H&M | Skirt – Define at Stuttafords | Shoes – H&M | Inner Top – Unknown | Earrings – Forever 21 |


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