Let’s talk about #CBD


Since the decriminalisation of marijuana in South Africa (for home use only) in 2018, the country has seen a surge of Canna products – from medicinal tinctures to weed-infused ice cream, everyone has jumped on the canna train.

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Alya Skin – Australian Pink Clay Mask

I love the daytime so I prefer to wake up early and make the most of the day and relax at home at night. The Johannesburg cold has been harsh on us so most of my nights are spent indoors on the couch. Of late, I have been pampering myself with sumptuous food, romantic movies and mini spa treatments.

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Learning How to Learn

I was never someone who enjoyed studying, I found it to be quite a chore. Mathematics was always my least favourite subject – while others spent hours doing math equations I simply read the textbook, fooling myself into believing that I could memorise the formulas and apply them to the questions. How mistaken I was!

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My Stay at The Lakes Hotel

I love a hotel bed. There’s something about fresh white linen and fluffy pillows; I can’t seem to get out of bed the next day. What’s even better, hotel breakfast! You can’t deny that waiting for the chef to prepare your eggs is far better than slaving over a hot stove.

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Comic Con South Africa 2018

Comic Con came to South Africa and I went to see what the type was about. I can’t remember the last time I read a comic book and I absolutely dislike gaming so I wasn’t sure why I was going. The decision to attend the conference was purely a spontaneous one and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went with an open mind.

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Tomy Takkies #WalkItOff Launch

Most of us can talk the talk, but can you Walk It Off? Everyone’ s favourite takkie is back on the scene, and it is cooler, slicker and cheekier than ever!

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Hi There 🙂

Many of you know me from my social media. I like to keep it light and humorous which is how I am most of the time but I too have a deep, emotional side.

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